Overseas Manufacturing

For our customers that require the value of point-of-purchase displays and fixtures manufactured overseas, Pak-it Displays provides door-to-door service from our manufacturing locations in both China and Malaysia. We work with only the highest quality display and fixture manufacturers overseas to provide our customers with equal materials and workmanship at greatly reduced costs, as compared to domestically produced units.

Services include: designing, estimating, prototypes, production orders, custom packing, custom instruction sheets, and door-to-door delivery.

Prototypes are always provided for review and approval prior to manufacturing your order. When needed, we can also provide in-house samples with quick turnaround times.

Delivery of Goods- Working with our Freight Forwarder, we can provide your company with the most economical shipping alternatives and timely deliveries to all ports worldwide based on your project requirements.

Shipments can be tracked during the entire process with up to date delivery information provided to you.

All goods are fully insured during transit and guaranteed to meet your needs.

If your project has sufficient lead-time and substantial enough quantities, overseas manufacturing might be the right solution for you.